domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2012

Double-edged sword

I don't think i will ever say it
But I have to apologize
I've bought the sun
and didn't check the price

It was not on purpose
It is not a payback
All the stars were fading
life was turning black

That light was vital
To keep me walking sane
Now I feel the weight
even though in vain

I know it is my fault
I should have walked away
But i was sunk in darkness
Until that shinny day

It's a double-edged sword
Don't make it easy for me
I don't want to cause you damaged
It's the happiest way to be


quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

Achilles' heel for all

Looking strong
But aching
Her stomach is buzzing
Her legs are shaking

Looking through the enemy
The eyes of the past
She was left shattered
Burned from the blast

with all hopes vanished
she pities that child
her loss of innocence
Once thrilling and wild

She thinks ashamed
'Forget this filed case
I've grown stronger
After that craze'

Achilles' heel for all
No one escapes from it
Overcome the pain
Dance to the bitterness beat


Baby skater

Baby skater
my future child ~~,


e ripa na rapaqueca