domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

Almost princess

The princess found something
In her little heart
Together 'till the end
We will never fall apart

Prince charming was on sale
Pour girl, he broke her heart
Life is no fairytale
Life is no piece of art

Stay always on the road
and fight to free your soul
You're the boss of you
You are in control

Leave the kingdom
Don't be afraid to fail
Life is no piece of heaven
Life is no fairytale


Dear sister

It's so strange to say
See you some day
I'm a kid? whatever
Stay with me forever
because after all
I won't let you fall
With every farewell
I know you can't tell
That my mouth goes dry
so don't say goodbye
Before you go
I want you to know
Sister, I love you so


terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

Lie, cheat and..

It's hard to believe you are so low
Your game is sick, do you know ?!...
Tell the truth and let them live
That's all you can give
If you don't want more
Don't be silent, don't ignore...
Where do you want her to land?
In your hand?
You make all them cry
Only because you'd like to try
Your game is sick and low,
Do the best thing... go


sábado, 16 de outubro de 2010

I am... not.. d.. drunk

Seeing doble? You're fine!
Lets pretend, I dont mind
Yes, you drunk to have fun
but you dont know how it began
The problems will stay the same,
and your fun will be the shame
You're smart enough to know
It's not hot to see that show
Just going crazy, vomit everywhere,
And then you say "life's not fair!"


Brasil, Samba & Bossa Nova

Smell of samba in the street
Pure magic in their feet
The accent on each song
Causes shivers all life long
Bronzed bodies in every beat
Jobim can you please repeat?
Reggae, pop and rock an roll...
Bossa Nova is not for all
The heat is in the vains
And the joy still remains


sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010

smile with your heart & wrinkle your eyes

You're far too pretty to cry
Believe me I'm not allowed to lie
Life is a war, but it isn't just bad
Rase your arms, dont be sad
Stand up, do what you got to do
Time will not wait for you
Your a soldier, just be strong
Show them they are wrong
You should know who's your friend
And then, smile until the end
Do whatever you want, be whoever you are,
Sing in the rain and you'll go far
Look at the birds and at the sky
Believe in you, run, jump and fly


terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

Once upon a monkey

The monkey fell in love
once upon  a time
it was not a common one
It was almost a crime

Look there's my butterfly
I see her everyday
Does she like me?
Is she, maybe, gay?

The monkey was too sad
He killed the butterfly
He put it by his side
And then he wished to die

He killed himself, he died
got to heaven or hell
He found his butterfly
Shh, let's hear the bell


segunda-feira, 11 de outubro de 2010

Play me

I know it's impossible
To trust a man
They are just great
'till they fuck it again

What do they want
I'm never sure
If they want to play
If they want some more

They talk sweet lies
making our world a joy
and then we realize
we were just a toy

I dont mind to watch
Your wicked game
So be like pacman
Without the fame


If only she knew...

Girl, love is blind.
Don't trust!
She's a devil dressed in white
Don't trust
Wipe your tears
Open your eyes
Don't trust!
Come one, leave it.
Don't cry!
Leave her, you won't die
Don't cry...
She's no angel, she's a lie


domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010

Old scar

The present will be the past
Can we make it go fast?
And the past will remain forever
To help us being clever
The wounds will be scars
So far as the stars
And then we will laugh, laugh for a while
because one day we forgot how to smile 


"Nothing is Impossible"

"Nothing is impossible" it's not what they say?
Too man dreams for a small girl?
Watch me going on my way...

A good perfume often comes from a small packet
Pray I'm the evidence of the rule
Because i'm ready to shake the market

Run, ALWAYS waiting for the stand up of the sun.


Poison Apple

(...) A poison apple. That's what you are to me. Shit... I like to taste it, I know you can see.

... and then i died :|



What should I do to make you see I need more?
you said you wanted me, but i'm not that sure
Be a man and make a step
cause i'm not ready to forget
but I will not wait for too long
Friends don't fit in love's World

                       yazalde (2009)

I'm not a sucker

Well, music is your life
but i'm not a sucker so kept this in mind:
I Want to be your chorus, the sound that makes you rock
so you better move your butt and be ready to f_ck

yazalde (2009)

Baby skater

Baby skater
my future child ~~,


e ripa na rapaqueca