sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

Like a new chewing gum

Don't be so shocked
It was simply fun
Another experience
Like a new chewing gum

Make and take
With no compromise
Just to enjoy
There was no disguise

Do not get stucked
Do not blame you
Find another player
Who wants to re-do


Waiting in vain

What was I still doing
Waiting here in vain?
You're not even near
I must be insane

They are working  faster
Than a cigarette machine
All the hopes were wasted
In a foolish dream

The other laughs
Another cries
Hoping that one day
I reject other guys

Welcome unknown
I'm leaving the past
With no regrets
Don't look at my ass


Baby skater

Baby skater
my future child ~~,


e ripa na rapaqueca