terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

You'll rock the world

Just to get you down
Do no let them win
Love is not a crime
Not even a sin

You're one of a kind
much better than that
You will rock the world
and they will get fat

Love whoever you want
The ones who mind don't matter
Keep fighting for the one
Who can love you better

SoSo show what you got
and what he can get
BIow up his mind
He will not forget

And if he doesn't want you
Do not even care
Because boys like him
You find everywhere


domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

Never like the movies

Hard and slow
Perhaps will never be
It's never like the movies
No hut by the sea

Be is complicated
Do is even worse
No movie scenes
Pain it's our curse

Two lost veins
Who need to act
Waiting to merge
With a silent eye contact


Between two Flavors

Fish or meat
You have killed the cat
Stay away from me

Between  two flavors
What have I done?
I've play it wrong
Please hide the gun

Fish or meat
I don't want to chose
I'm in a tightrope
Everything to lose

Life is that way
Make a step
I have to play

There's just one game
I can't repeat
There's no playback
It's fish or meat


domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010

You're not my son

I want to be happy
Daddy, hear my voice
I just follow my heart
It was not a choice

Get out of my house
I am old, I am done
What a shame
You're not my son

Can i talk to you?
I've got something to say
I hope you don't mind
Father, I am gay


Giving up

They tell me not to
But i don't care
I know I'm a loser
Give me my teddy bear

Tired of nothing
I'm giving up
Keep staying still
Goodbye golden cup

Walking away
I'm finally free
Wish me luck
I'm ready to party!


sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

Feeling like a kid

Are we in heaven?
Look at the Sun
I am so happy
The rain is gone

I'm feeling weird
I need to seize
My head is spinning
It's a desease?

I want to die
Are we in hell?
I'm affraid
Feels like a cell

Flies, itching
Dark everywhere
Mixed feelings
Like a kid, I stare

I have no sleeve
I want to jump
I want to breathe


terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010

Free yourself

Just open the door
Don't be afraid
There's Love for free in the store

We cannot live without it
There is no better drug
Free yourself
Love, touch, kiss, hug.

Why do you hide
all your feelings inside?
Show your emotions
Kill the hate and the pride


Baby skater

Baby skater
my future child ~~,


e ripa na rapaqueca